Team Kentucky Healthy at School

Guidance on Safety Expectations and Best Practices for Kentucky Schools (K-12) Interim Guidance as of June 2020 How Was This Guidance Developed? Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has taken swift action to keep Kentuckians safe from COVID-19. March 6: declared a state of emergency. March 12: recommended that all school superintendents cease in-person instruction. April 20: […]

COVID-19: Keeping Construction Employees Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has many employers in the construction industry wondering how to keep their businesses going while maintaining the safety of their workforce. Check out the tips below to help keep employees safe and reduce the risk of their exposure to COVID-19. Ask workers to stay home if they fell sick Educate workers on […]

What To Do About “Near-Misses?”

An incident without injury is sometimes easily forgotten. We often tend to shrug them off as a fortunate escape. In everyday life, there is a real danger in brushing off accidents that do not hurt, harm, or damage. When these near-misses happen, we should immediately notice and action because a non-injury incident is a positive […]

What To Do If You Have A Near-Miss

What is a near-miss? A near-miss is an event or situation that had the potential to (but did not) result in an injury. Examples would be; tripping or falling over cluttered walkways, almost being struck by objects or being struck without injury, or a too close for comfort equipment event. In all reality, a near-miss […]

Near-Miss Reporting

Near-miss incidents may not result in an injury, but they are important and valuable events nonetheless. As we all know, close calls or “near misses” are situations in which a worker has a narrow escape from getting hurt. The worker probably feels lucky about getting away uninjured, but if we pay attention, these incidents may […]