Safety Q&A with the City of Ashland

Safety Q&A with the City of Ashland

The City of Ashland faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining a safety while on the job. As a governmental entity with around 300 employees, the City of Ashland is responsible for the management and safety of the police, fire, and public works departments, as well as ensuring the overall safety of their citizens.

KEMI Announces Destiny Award Winners for 2017

Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI) is honoring fourteen Kentucky organizations as KEMI Destiny Award winners for their commitment and success in maintaining a safe workplace. The Destiny Awards are presented annually by KEMI to policyholders that best exemplify KEMI’s motto, “Control your own destiny.” The awards symbolize what can be accomplished when organizations work together to […]

Staying Safe While Working Alone

Working alone can increase the likelihood of some workplace hazards or risks occurring, and when incidents do occur the consequences can be more severe when people work alone. Here are some quick tips to help make sure that you stay safe while working alone.

Safety Training: The What, When, and How

One of the most common dilemmas companies face when dealing with employee safety is training. Time is valuable, and many companies struggle to find the time to assemble employees and decide what topics to present. As a loss control consultant, some of the most frequently asked questions I receive relate to safety training. In order […]